What our Campers & Families are saying

The Mays Family

My family has had the pleasure of attending North Texas Camp Sunshine for the last 2 years.Our boys, Sean, 15 and Braden, 12 both have autism with extreme anxiety related behavior problems. This has limited our access to Camps or social skills groups. North Texas Camp Sunshine has given the boys a chance to experience camp by adapting the activities, and accommodating to the abilities of each individual camper. The directors meet and interview each parent so that the child is accurately paired with two volunteers that are perfectly matched to get the best out of each child.

The volunteers become family. They deeply care for each child as if they are their own. Knowing all their likes, dislikes, and triggers. Bonding over similar interest and forming friendships that they talk about for months after.As parents we are given the opportunity to join in or sit back and enjoy the company of others that have similar struggles and life challenges.

We look forward to next year knowing that there will be new and familiar faces and many opportunities to expand our views, work on our strength, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Thank you,

The Mays family  - Jim, Angela, Sean, and Braden